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With our binding machine, you are able to make
your own beautiful Photo Album & Office Documents easily.

PTC Ceramic Heating

PTC ceramic heating technology internally
installed which enables the machine to
stay in intelligent thermostatic state after
power on. Heating uniformity during the
entire binding process makes
the photo book artistic.

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Intelligent Insertion Induction

Specially designed intelligent insertion induction function will
generate heating state immediately after photo book inserted,
and the heating process will be shut down automatically after binding.
There will be sounds reminder when binding finished. The whole
process needs only 3minutes by our smart binding machine.

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So Easy to Make Photo Album

With our binding machine, you are able to make your
own beautiful Photo Album easily at home.

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Perfect Design

ABS material frame makes the machine sturdy
and durable, while nylon material inside
the machine enables thermal
insulation and safety.

Auto Standby, Energy Efficient

Auto standby function enables the powered-on machine goes to sleep mode
if no operation in 30minutes, which will greatly save energy and make it safer.

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Maximum Binding Thickness

Maximum binding thickness is 22mm, which means you
could binding so many photos in one single photo book.

Cooling Rack Design

Cooling rack equiped on the back of the binding machine.
Clamp tightness adjustable manually! You may tightly clamp
the photo album on the rack to cool down after binding.

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Anti-slip Mat

Anti-slip mat installed at the bottom makes
the machine stay stable during work

One-key Switch

One-key switch locates at the right side of
the machine bottom. Our binding machine
goes to all intelligent state just by your
simple one-key switch!
Binding will never so simple and fun!

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