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Let The Light Pass Through The Frame and Let It Float

This is a very modern frame. The middle of the frame is made of two layers of full transparent acrylic
and is wrapped by a color transparent acrylic frame. Just put the printed picture core in the middle
of the two layers of transparent acrylic, and tighten the metal screws on the four corners. The picture
core is placed in the middle of the picture frame and kept a certain distance from the wall, so that the
light can bring the visual effect of suspended display through the picture frame.

We believe this is a new product to attract customers. It is simple and efficient. After receiving the
order, your team can quickly install the customized picture core into the picture frame and quickly
complete the delivery of the order. Of course, it is also suitable to be sold in retail stores and installed
by customers themselves after purchase.

This frame is available in a wide range of sizes, from a minimum of 6 inches to 14 inches. It is also very
friendly to your space. You can put it on the desktop, bookshelf, low cabinet, or hang it on the wall.
It will make your whole space atmosphere bright.

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Create Beautiful Space and
Give More Commercial Value

Use your imagination and you will find that this acrylic frame has more applicable scenes. Not only
display your photos and paintings, but also display calendars and menus. It can even become a tray.
In short, it is a very modern decoration. Bring more business value to customers and improve your
retail business at the same time.

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Set off The Photos with Colorful Colors

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In order to meet the needs of more customers, we provide a wide range of sizes and border colors.
Let your photos bring different visual effects against the background of different color frames. At the
same time, we recommend several popular colors to you, namely transparent black, transparent red,
transparent blue and transparent rainbow. Of course, we can also customize more other colors and
special sizes for you on the premise of meeting the quantitative requirements.